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Balestra CenterPoint Package Wrath 430 con Silent Crank

Balestra CenterPoint Package Wrath 430 con Silent Crank

1.019,00 Iva inclusa (22%)

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Codice: 3021172256
Marca: CenterPoint
Categoria: BALESTRE
Unità di misura: PZ
Disponibilità: Disponibile 7/9 giorni


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The Wrath 430X combines speed and compactness to offer the most revolutionary crossbow from CenterPoint yet.

Speed: 430fps
Net weight: 9lbs
Draw weight: 200lbs
Width cocked: 9"
Width uncocked: 13"
Power stroke: 15"
Full bearing cam system produces smoother operation and increased speeds.
CNC-machined aluminum rails for durability.
Folding stock and folding stirrup that doubles as a stable bipod with 3-stage locking.
Ball bearing retention spring keeps arrows in place.


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