Balestra Excalibur Crossbow Bulldog 380 PkgTact-Zone

Balestra Excalibur Crossbow Bulldog 380 PkgTact-Zone


Cod. art.: 6371
Marca: Excalibur


The Matrix Bulldog 380 is a combination of speed, power, and comfort, built off of the proven Matrix 380 platform, the Bulldog 380 produces arrow speeds up to 380 fps, the Bulldog 380 is equipped to handle the largest game on the planet. The Bulldog features the Bullpup Ready Rest stock that reduces the overall length and incorporates a more comfortable and better balanced platform for extreme manoeuvrability.

It comes outfitted with Powerload limbs, Quad-Loc riser, Guardian Anti-Dry Fire System, X-hanger multi-positional five arrow quiver, oversized finger guards and R.E.D.S. suppressors. The Matrix Bulldog 380 comes decorated in a forest drab finish and Realtree Xtra camo stock.

Package Includes:

Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope with 30mm rings
Five-arrow X-Hanger quiver with bracket
Four Diablo arrows with 150 grain field points
Rope-cocking aid
Ambidextrous cheekpiece
R.E.D.S suppressors
Guardian Anti-Dry-Fire system

Technical Specifications

Velocity: 380 FPS
Draw Weight: 260 lbs.
Power Stroke: 13.5"
Mass Weight: 5.7 lbs.
Overall Length: 35.0"
Arrow Length: -
Arrow Weight: 350 Grains
Stock Type: Bullpup Ready Rest
Finish: Realtree Xtra
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